Creating Your New WordPress Site

Whether you are a first time WordPress user or not you may need to build your new site while your existing site continues to run. If you immediately update your DNS settings to point to eQPress without having migrated your website yet, what you’ll see is a default installation of WordPress. That’s probably not what you want. So, you have a few options when it comes to building your new site.

  1. You can update you local computer’s hosts file during the migration so your browser loads the site at eQPress. Here’s an article that will help.
  2. If you can withstand a bit of downtime then putting up a “coming soon” page is by far the simplest. Just point your DNS to the IP address supplied in the Welcome email and read this guide.
  3. If neither of these options suit you, send us an email or contact us through the Dashboard, and we’ll change the settings of your eQPress site so it will respond to This will let you work on it and keep your current site active. When you are ready to switch, we can make the necessary changes to the database so the site responds to

We have written a follow-up to this article which explains the whys and hows of migrating your WordPress data. There’s also a more in-depth section on the WordPress Codex about moving a WordPress site.

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