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Digital Security Training

With over 20 years combined experience in digital security training across 40+ countries, delivers practical workshops on secure communications and information management. coordinates networks of trainers, creates learning curricula and provides leadership for permanent digital security schools in Lithuania and Tunisia. Take a look at our Learning Wiki for our educational material and training guides.

Security audits and policy development uses its experience working in the non-profit sector to audit organisations working with sensitive issues and in regions of heightened risk. The process helps identify and reduce vulnerabilities in technical systems and information management processes. The outcome is a series of recommendations and detailed policy to increase the safety of employees, projects and project partners.

Software development’s portfolio spans database solutions that securely manage and analyse human rights documentation, worldwide infrastructure to protect websites from cyber-attack and a range of crypto tools and protocols to improve secure communications on the Internet.  All solutions are released for free under open source licences and can be easily adapted to suit your particular requirements.

eQualitie Blog

  • Deflect Stats April 2016
    April 2016 was noticeable for the amount of attacks launched against Deflect protected websites. Most of them were using the WordPress Pingback reflective attack method. Ukrainian readers topped our statistics...
  • eQPress – secure hosting with Deflect
    In the last few months, the Deflect team has set up a hosting platform that allows anybody to have an easy-to-manage, secure website (or even a multisite) that protects you not only from DDoS attacks,...

The Team develops open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security, and information management. Our goal is to create accessible technology and improve the skill set needed for defending human rights and freedoms in the digital age.
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    About EQ TEAM

    We are software developers and system engineers, cryptographers, security auditors, penetration testers, project managers, trainers, anthropologists, communicators and more! Most importantly, we’re all driven to promote and defend principles enshrined within the Manifesto

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    Co-founder, Director

    About Dmitri

    Dmitri is the founder and director of with over a decade of experience working on digital security and privacy technology within the human rights and independent media sector. He has led and participated in missions to over 40 countries, and is a recognised expert on technology training and organisational security. He is the author of the Digital Security and Privacy for Human Rights Defenders manual and was a founding member and coordinator of the NGO-in-a-Box Security Edition project. He has helped to create worldwide networks of trainers, developed curricula for various security programs and is also a regular contributor to technology publications. But his real job is bringing up two kids and trying to be more at home.

    Fingerprint: 6765 11E9 33AC 3F9D 1A4B 0AAC 7110 EACE 6FF1 895D

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    Documentation and editorial

    About Floriana

    Floriana has been an activist for all her adult life. Struck by the possibilities of experimenting with identities in the internet and fascinated by cyber cultures, at the end of the 1990s she started understanding the liberating potentialities of free software and networks and focused her activism on media activism, free culture and hacktivism. She has been a member of a collective running a privacy-oriented server for over a decade. In the last few years she has started developing connections with an international network of hacktivists and has collaborated with Tactical Technology Collective both for publishing the content of the Security in-a-box website on Github and as a facilitator, digital security trainer, and manual author and coordinator. Floriana has a MA in Digital and Print Media Publishing and a MA in Migration Studies. She has worked for nearly 20 years as a translator and editor for Italian magazines, publishing houses and museums.

    PGP fingerprint: 92C3 9CB3 7E45 E6BA 1096 4C8C E635 DB76 A320 B666

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    About KheOps

    In 2011, KheOps participated in uncovering mass electronic surveillance equipment in Syria and helped Syrians evade governmental censorship with an informal team on the Telecomix IRC. He has since been taking the fight for fundamental rights to a European level, notably helping La Quadrature du Net in their campaigns against ACTA, in favor of network neutrality and against recent French mass surveillance laws. KheOps believes in local, transparently-managed and community-run Internet access providers as a means to run respectful networks, and as such actively participates in FAImaison, a local non-profit access provider. He advocates cryptography, free and open source software and self-hosting through trainings and cryptoparties. He notably is a main developer of’s self-hosting solution Caisleán. But his real job is cooking Breton galettes for his colleagues. KheOps is based in Nantes, France.

    PGP Fingerprint: D1F5 46E3 78CC FAB6 7B21 C79A BA5B 6E9F 53BB 2174

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    Operations Manager

    About Maja

    As a strong believer in culture, communication and social change, Maja brings a humanist approach to her role as’s Operations Manager. For the past ten years she has developed her project management and editorial skills working within the domain of independent media, being a dedicated advocate against mainstream media disinformation. With full knowledge of 360-degree NGO administration, she is an organizer at heart who is happiest when she is juggling, collaborating, problem-solving, and connecting people and resources. Maja holds a Masters degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and is the author of Working in the New South Africa: An Ethnographic Approach to Affirmative Action. When not travelling, reading voraciously or learning new languages, she can be found supporting frontline activist movements across various communities.

    Fingerprint: 7B4E 11A1 C4D2 18E5 A1BA D06C F128 8039 7577 E2DA

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    About Marios

    Marios (misaakidis) is a hacktivist coding for FOSS projects that ensure digital freedom for everybody. Interested in the Internet as a technology, as well as an interconnected system. He is co-founder of the hackerspace and innovation center, and is involved in various projects including Mozilla, Freenet and fedora. Hangs out on #freenet ( and #ceno ( as Prometheas.
    Fingerprint: 7DD5 D164 B690 0A9D FEE2 98B5 E977 D7B8 5232 4D27
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    Technical Projects Coordinator

    About Richard

    Richard is a project manager, systems engineer, and Scrum product-owner. His skills span the whole product life-cycle: from winning new business through to in-service support. He’s worked in diverse fields, from radio communications to political campaigning, and e-learning to software design. He holds a masters degree in electronic engineering from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

    Richard is a digital-rights activist and has volunteered for the Open Rights Group since 2006. He enjoys climbing, snowboarding, cycling, gaming, programming, science fiction and playing the drums.

    OpenPGP public key.

    Fingerprint: C045 AD3B B3A4 865D BA02 C2EB 2227 CBD6 4C49 7218

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    Systems Administrator

    About Rodney

    Rodney has been working in system administration since 1991, implementing TCP/IP networks on frame relay. He became interested in open source solutions and soon after opened his own company focusing on deploying networking, software and systems. Rodney brings a wealth of experience, a steady hand and a thorough process to the maintenance of’s infrastructure and system administration tasks.

    Fingerprint: 7113 3110 5FA1 63E8 FD13 9028 962E C38A 34FC E021

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    Systems Developer

    About Tom

    Tom is a senior level UNIX system engineer specialising in performance and high availability at scale. He has previously worked on BBC News International, Warner Music and other large web environments. Tom has collaborated with since its inception and is currently working on the Deflect project. He tries not to let his obsession with doing things The Right Way affect his personal life.

    Fingerprint: 3077 DB84 11D4 CC3D 14EA 1819 E3C1 5AD6 B581 BE81

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    Dr. Vmon


    About Dr. Vmon

    A cryptographer and a software developer. Vmon has worked for various companies in security, cryptographic research and development. He is a Ph.D. in cryptography and is leading the development of a multi-party encryption protocol, innovative anti-censorship technologies and machine learning strategies for botnet classification.

    Fingerprint: EF77 51DA 87E5 DC68 1BB1 E3B6 962E 3AA7 1932 3085

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    Board Member

    About Carole

    Carole has 25 years of experience in the field of human rights protection with specialization in the area of economic and social rights.  Her work focus has been on trade and investment policy, regional integration in Asia, access to food, and thematic assessment methodologies. From 1994-2012, Carole worked at the International Centre for Human Rights & Democratic Development, most recently as its Senior Adviser for Economic and Social Rights. Specializing in human rights impact assessments for foreign investment and the right to an adequate standard of living, Carole has participated in numerous UN processes and civil society-led investigative missions.  Carole is currently the Executive Director of the Canada Tibet Committee in Montreal. She is the author of several articles on Tibet and on economic and social rights.

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    Board Member

    About Carolyn

    Carolyn has over 20 years of experience in software development, network administration, and localizing technology for different cultures. Notably, in the past she served as Translation Community Manager for Tor, a well-known anonymity and circumvention tool, and most recently as Chief Technology Officer for Informsec. Currently she is a Senior Technology Adviser for Internews and one of our good friends!

    Fingerprint: AB25 1886 5389 E5CA 81EC 3C52 8B33 88AB 665A 940F

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    Board Member

    About Gabriella

    Gabriella (Biella) Coleman holds the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she researches, writes, and teaches on computer hackers and digital activism. She is the author of Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking and Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous published by Verso is out in November 2014. Gabriella has given numerous talks on hackers, digital activism,open source production and intellectual property law. Her publications are available here and a partial list of talks, podcasts, interviews and other media appearances are available here. You can follow her on Twitter

    Fingerprint: AA6F 1F8B E0BD 043C DB54 5D6C 502A 49B3 A746 DAE5

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    Board Member

    About Mallory

    Mallory integrates a human rights, people-centred approach to communications and technology for social movements around the world. Since 2012, Mallory has been the communications and network development manager for the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). And since 2008 has been a member of May First/People Link and on MFPL’s executive board. Originally from the US but living in Montreal, she has worked on communications, technology, resource mobilisation and governance for grassroots organisations around the world in Bolivia, Brazil, France, Mexico, Palestine, Senegal, UK. She’s used free software professionally for over 12 years and considers herself a “radical technologist,” specializing in cybersecurity. Her background in community organizing with social justice groups also extends beyond a decade.

    Fingerprint: E3EB 63E0 65A3 B240 BCD9 B071 0C32 A271 BD3C C780

  • Carole Samdup, Senior Adviser: Economic and Social Rights, Rights & Democracy

    When Rights & Democracy decided to create a user-friendly digital tool for both training and documentation, we turned to  With its experience in creating digital solutions for civil society, was able to guide development of this unique and innovative tool that has since been widely used by communities around the world.

  • Ali Reza,

    IPOS directly benefited from's expertise and professionalism when our main website was subject to an unprecedented attack. At the time the services of similar companies including CloudFlare and Google PageSpeed failed to protect IPOS' election tracking poll against a major DDOS attack during the 2013 presidential elections in Iran. However, the Deflect team were able to quickly setup a CDN front and accept traffic from IPOS' main domain and fight back against the attack.

  • Mahmoud Jisri,

    Deflect team were the pioneers in creating a unique and brilliant idea to protect oppressed sites against ddos and other types of attacks. They managed to protect one of our client's sites on multiple occasions very effectively, allowing journalists the freedom of speech which is one of the major internet essences. What I also noticed and admired about deflect team is their fast support response, friendly manner and dealing with clients as members of their team which creates a bond of likeness and respect.

  • Kasper Souren, did an excellent job at helping protect the website of a renowned human rights NGO from an extended ddos attack. The website had been down for almost a week. We first tried Cloudflare, but it looked as if the ddos still came through. To be clear: that was with all settings maxed out on a paid 200$/month business plan. Once we switched to Deflect things looked like normal traffic and the active chat support provided by Deflect really helped keeping things safe and under control.

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