The Splinternet can be defined as the phenomenon of the global internet fragmenting into smaller, isolated networks. This fragmentation is driven by various factors, including governmental control, censorship, technological barriers, and corporate policies. The Splinternet represents a move away from the original vision of the Internet as a unified, borderless space, towards a landscape where access to information and services is restricted and controlled based on geographic location, political boundaries, or corporate interests. This shift has significant implications for global connectivity, freedom of information, and the ability to communicate across traditional boundaries.

The growing prevalence of national network shutdowns is leading our society to the age of the “splinternet”. Standing in its way are effective solutions of wireless and decentralized technologies. SplinterCon events and resources focus on communications with and within isolated networks. We bring together diverse projects, innovative tools, and institutions navigating the challenges of internet fragmentation.

Read the report from the inaugural SplinterCon held in Montreal, December ’23