Techno Activism every 3rd Monday in Montreal!

TA3M, December 19th – the Cryptmas edition

Our techno activism 3rd Mondays events are back! This time with a focus on mobile security and anonymity. As recent reporting highlighted once again the dangers to personal privacy from modern day surveillance, we are offering an overview of current possibilities for improving your mobile privacy, just in time for Christmas! We will discuss:

– Surveillance on cellular and data networks
– Tools for secure and anonymous communications
– Communicating without the network
– Smartphone security
– Android without Google

As usual this will be an informal presentation with a lively discussion and refreshments. This is a public event but please RSVP as space will be limited.

Location: 5445 de Gaspé, suite 602

When? December 19th, 18:00-20:00

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To see a history of past TA3M Montreal events please refer to our archive.

TA3M May ’16 – “Who Am I” Film Screening

Join us for the next TA3M for a screening of the German hacker film Who Am I.

After the screening we will host a group discussion led by Gabriella Coleman (Professor at McGill University who works on computer hackers) and Thomas Geffroyd (Ubisoft, Content Director for the Hacker game Watchdogs) about the film and the role popular culture plays in heroizing or demonizing hackers.


Location: McGill Arts Building
Room: ARTS 260

When? May 16th, 18:00-20:00
We will be starting the movie by 18:15, so please try to arrive on time.

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To see a history of past TA3M Montreal events please refer to our archive.

TA3M APRIL ’16 – a Basic Internet Service in Canada?

Should Canada do more to encourage broadband adoption? The CRTC is currently debating whether to define a basic Internet service and whether to subsidize Internet access to rural, remote or low income communities. For people interested in the information superhighway, this hearing is when the rubber hits the road. Concordia professor Fenwick McKelvey will introduce the hearing to attendees, discuss his work in Internet Measurement and workshop ideas. A response to the CRTC making recommendations about Internet Measurement and defining basic service will be forthcoming for May 5th.

Location: GareMTL

When: April 18th 18:00

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To see a history of past TA3M Montreal events please refer to our archive.


We’re all familiar with the idea of a search warrant — but how else can the government access your private information in Canada? This informal TA3M workshop will explore this question—whether in the context of a criminal investigation or otherwise. We’ll also discuss the implications for businesses and organizations that hold private data for their clients, and the circumstances in which they might be forced to hand over records about their clients, users or communities. Together, we’ll think about how to mitigate risk and work through questions like:

  • How can law enforcement and intelligence agencies access private information about you? Do they always need a warrant? Should activists and community groups be particularly concerned?
  • If you’re hosting data for others, or holding private information that belongs to your users, what are your obligations as custodian of that data?
  • What are the situations in which you might be required to share or disclose data about others? What are your responsibilities to your users and clients in these situations?

Following a brief talk, attendees will be invited to bring share their own thoughts, experiences and questions. Presenters are happy to answer questions in English and French.


Lex Gill is a researcher for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s Privacy, Surveillance and Technology Project and an affiliate to the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. She studies at McGill’s Faculty of Law.

Jillian Friedman is a technology lawyer. Her views on privacy law, and other technology law issues have been published in legal, academic and news media. Jillian has spoken before the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce where she testified about digital currency, consumer protection and pseudo-anonymity. She is currently writing a book on financial technology law.


We have moved!! Tonight’s TA3M will be held at GareMTL

When? March 21st, 18:00

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To see a history of past TA3M Montreal events please refer to our archive.

CryptoClasses – encryption for the masses!

In 2016 eQualit.ie is relaunching the Techno Activism 3rd Monday (TA3M) events in Montreal. To celebrate this occasion we are offering the inaugural Crypto Class – a rotating smörgåsbord of local digital security experts teaching the public about encryption. This will be a free event concentrating on practical skills and knowledge about encrypting (and decrypting) your email communications. Refreshments will be provided. Stick around to discuss our new project DSS514!

What is it? A practical workshop in an informal setting to teach participants about encrypting their webmail with Mailvelope.

Why? Should you be worried about pervasive Internet surveillance? Do you want to rebuild privacy for your online communications? It’s not that difficult at all! CryptoClasses are regular events built around practical workshops teaching modern and open source methods for online encrypted communications. We will demonstrate why you need this, how to do it, and you will leave the workshop with the skill and confidence to regain some privacy in your digital letters.

Where? The event will be held at StationC

When? January 18th, 18:00 (3rd Monday of the month)

This evening will be held in English. Future events will also be held in French and will cover a broader range of topics to include encrypted messaging and disk storage. Those interested in supporting future CryptoClass events are invited to come and discuss possibilities.

Who? CryptoClass will be lead by eQualit.ie with over a decade experience teaching activists around the world digital security basics and authors of numerous self-learning guides.

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To see a history of past TA3M Montreal events please refer to our archive.