CryptoClasses – encryption for the masses!

In 2016 is relaunching the Techno Activism 3rd Monday (TA3M) events in Montreal. To celebrate this occasion we are offering the inaugural Crypto Class – a rotating smörgåsbord of local digital security experts teaching the public about encryption. This will be a free event concentrating on practical skills and knowledge about encrypting (and decrypting) your email communications. Refreshments will be provided. Stick around to discuss our new project DSS514!

What is it? A practical workshop in an informal setting to teach participants about encrypting their webmail with Mailvelope.

Why? Should you be worried about pervasive Internet surveillance? Do you want to rebuild privacy for your online communications? It’s not that difficult at all! CryptoClasses are regular events built around practical workshops teaching modern and open source methods for online encrypted communications. We will demonstrate why you need this, how to do it, and you will leave the workshop with the skill and confidence to regain some privacy in your digital letters.

Where? The event will be held at StationC

When? January 18th, 18:00 (3rd Monday of the month)

This evening will be held in English. Future events will also be held in French and will cover a broader range of topics to include encrypted messaging and disk storage. Those interested in supporting future CryptoClass events are invited to come and discuss possibilities.

Who? CryptoClass will be lead by with over a decade experience teaching activists around the world digital security basics and authors of numerous self-learning guides.

Yes, I want to come! Please RSVP below…

To see a history of past TA3M Montreal events please refer to our archive.

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