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Can a fragmented Internet governance stop Internet fragmentation?

by Michel Lambert The Internet is a vital resource for communication, collaboration and creation with anyone, anywhere.  It is no longer possible to imagine our world without the Internet, the central nerve of the global economy.  We don’t yet realize its full potential in terms of knowledge, development and the common well-being of all humankind. […]
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Canada’s refusal to bid for the Internet Governance Forum 2024: a missed opportunity for the country and global civil society

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) plays a vital role in shaping the future of the internet, fostering international cooperation, and addressing the various challenges that arise in the digital age. In recent months, many Canadians organizations were having high hopes of hosting the IGF in Montreal in 2024. Led by eQualitie, envisioning it as a […]
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Ukraine Deserves to Win. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates To Send a Powerful Message to the US Government

From July 25 to 28, 2023, a delegation of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize laureates from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia will hold meetings with senior US government officials, delivering a message of unwavering support for Ukraine. The visit, initiated and supported by eQualitie will take place in Washington DC in partnership with the National Endowment […]
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How decentralization saved the Ukrainian internet: lessons from 2022, government officials and telecom industry reflect in Kyiv

The Ukrainian telecoms market incurred $2.3B in losses during the initial year of the invasion, per the World Bank. Key stakeholders, including industry leaders, government officials, and international partners, gathered in Kyiv for the “Ukraine: Communications and Internet Resilience during War” conference on May 26, 2023. Organized by eQualitie and Internews Ukraine, the event focused […]
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Donate to Keep Ukrainians online

Since October 2022, Russia has been targeting critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine with its missiles and drones. Attacks have degraded electricity generation and distribution, cutting off power and thereby heating, water treatment and Internet connectivity for millions of people. Rolling electricity blackouts lasting anywhere from several hours to days are making this brutal conflict even harsher. Even if the war was to stop tomorrow, damage to electricity power plants and distribution networks will persist.
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A year in review: eQualitie’s reactions to the war in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the second invasion in February 2022, eQualitie has launched a series of rapid efforts focusing on digital security capacity building and urgent response to various communication and safety needs of Ukrainian citizens, media agencies, human rights organizations, and CSOs. A lot of the focus of our existing programming on web security […]
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