• Decentralized Web

    Decentralized Internet projects present an incredible opportunity for privacy and freedom of association on a network replete with surveillance and filtering technology. applies peer-to-peer (p2p) routing technology for delivering Web content, and then uses decentralized caching to make it available to other users in that country. Cached web pages remain accessible even during periods […]
  • Digital security helpline is the first national public cyber security helpline of its kind – built to answer Ukrainians’ digital security questions, whatever they may be. A team of operators services the helpline taking requests sent over email, Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal. A database of solutions to many digital problems already numbers over a hundred articles to […]
  • Decentralized file sharing

    eQualitie’s latest innovative free software project – Ouisync – is a private and resilient solution for file sharing with your contacts or as public repositories, and syncing data between your devices.     Need to share news, event documents, videos or educational material to your audiences without relying on centralized platforms that are easily blocked? […]
  • Website protection

    Deflect is a robust and innovative website protection service designed to withstand distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks — undertaken by infected ‘bots’ — are intended to disable the targeted website and prevent access for legitimate users. Deflect offers secure hosting, encrypted connections, advanced mitigation options and much more. Its a free service […]
  • Splinternet

    The Splinternet can be defined as the phenomenon of the global internet fragmenting into smaller, isolated networks. This fragmentation is driven by various factors, including governmental control, censorship, technological barriers, and corporate policies. The Splinternet represents a move away from the original vision of the Internet as a unified, borderless space, towards a landscape where […]
  • Decentralized communications

    dComms provides an orchestration and deployment platform for creating community orientated communications services, such as messaging and social networking. Currently, the dComms deployment offers several fediverse solutions, including the Matrix/Element chat platform and the Mastodon blogging service. Additional services include offline-first applications, the secure Delta Chat messaging platform and the decentralized Ceno browser. Self-hosted networking […]
  • Bot mitigation

    Baskerville is an analytics engine that leverages machine learning to distinguish between normal and abnormal web traffic behavior. It is currently in production on the Deflect network, as a web application firewall, working in coordination with the Challenger and Banjax tools. Baskerville was created to help our systems team identify and block malicious bots attacking […]
  • Internet Without Borders

    Internet Without Borders is a nomadic conference and hackathon series focused on combating Russian digital aggression, censorship, and propaganda. We bring together journalists, technology experts, researchers, and activists to explore strategies and improve the toolset for defending Internet freedoms. Over the span of 12 months we have visited 9 countries and hosted 11 events bringing […]
  • Group chat e2ee

    (n+1)sec is a secure group messaging protocol authored by with support from the Open Technology Fund. It is also a free and open source software library. The main idea behind this project is to allow secure (sec) instantaneous communications between any number (n) of people. The protocol provides for end­-to­-end security of synchronous communications. It is […]