eQPress: secure websites and blogs

eQPress is a secure hosting infrastructure run by a skilled team and protected under the Deflect DDoS mitigation network from both botnets and other malicious intruders.

Based on the popular WordPress platform, eQPress-hosted websites are easy to manage and offer additional functionalities to improve your control over your site and its security.

With eQPress, you can get a website or blog and even a blogging platform with several blogs managed by different users.

Anyone who qualifies for protection under the terms of Deflect’s eligibility criteria can create or migrate one or more websites to the eQPress platform to protect them from DDoS and other kinds of attacks. To create or migrate a website on eQPress, you need to sign up with Deflect first. When the registration is completed, you can ask Deflect’s team to create a new site for you or migrate your site to eQPress.

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