eQPress – secure hosting with Deflect

In the last few months, the Deflect team has set up a hosting platform that allows anybody to have an easy-to-manage, secure website (or even a multisite) that protects you not only from DDoS attacks, but also from other problems that may arise if your hosting provider is poorly resourced, unable to handle basic attacks or easily susceptible to social engineering.

We are now proud to present eQPress to the world: a WordPress-based platform protected by Deflect and by our team’s experience with infrastructure hardening and secure service provision where you can migrate your WordPress-based website or create a new one from scratch.

Built on the managed WordPress framework, eQPress codebase has been reviewed, refactored and finally open-sourced by’s team. This framework offers a peace of mind to you when it comes to manage your website(s) and to us in terms of technical security and stability. Most importantly, it keeps the hosting server completely hidden behind the Deflect network, preventing direct brute force and denial of service attacks against your website.

Other features included in eQPress are:

  • A customized plugin for administration tasks that would otherwise require shell access
  • A “lockdown” feature, so that normal users cannot “break the site” and attackers cannot inject malicious scripts
  • A secure system for generating passwords and distributing them to users
  • Full disk LUKS encryption on eQPress infrastructure and fully encrypted external backup
  • High performance nginx, php-fpm
  • Quick WordPress install of single sites and multisites
  • A sustainable and easily replicable system

And the good news is that if you meet our eligibility criteria and already have a WordPress-based website or want to create one, you can be hosted on eQPress too!

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