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eQualitie launches CENO, world’s first decentralized p2p mobile browser

Share the web, peer-to-peer. CENO.

CENO Browser lets anyone access and share information in areas with censored communications

Montreal, May 10, 2022 – eQualitie, developer of open-source and reusable digital security systems, is pleased to announce the public launch of its newest democratization tool, CENO Browser. Short for, CENO is the world’s first mobile browser that is built specifically to side-step current Internet censorship methods. It also enables people to access and share information in and across regions where connectivity has been interrupted or compromised.

CENO uses established technologies in new ways. While the user experience is akin to using a standard mobile browser, CENO operates over a peer-to-peer (p2p) network on the open-source Ouinet library and BitTorrent protocols, allowing it to run reliably where other browsers might not or do not. Because the web content is delivered, cached and decentralized via p2p routing, it cannot be forcibly removed by external agents. Furthermore, CENO is equipped to access and share cached content offline and via local area networks (LANs). CENO’s resiliency makes it ideal for those who need stable access to and sharing capabilities of web information during media censorship events, filtering, attacks, shutdowns, natural disruptions, unrest, conflict and war. CENO’s routing and distribution can also significantly reduce bandwidth consumption and associated costs.

“CENO holds great promise and launches at an opportune time for those engaged in democracy movements and activities,” says Dmitri Vitaliev, founder and director of eQualitie. “It is already helping thousands of civilians, NGOs, investigative journalists and independent media internationally to share information on their mobile devices.”

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Download CENO Browser from the Playstore

The project on Github


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eQualitie’s position on the war in Ukraine

український / русский / english / français /

Oh bury me, then rise ye up
And break your heavy chains
And water with the tyrants’ blood
The freedom you have gained.
And in the great new family,
The family of the free,
With softly spoken, kindly word
Remember also me.

Testament, Taras Shevchenko, 1845
(translated by John Weir)

For ten years eQualitie has stood firmly in defence of digital human rights. Throughout this time, we strive to create technology and offer services that protect freedom of expression and association online. To help us stay balanced in achieving this mission we have purposely stayed out of politics, debates or public declarations.

But, as the Russian army is invading and destroying Ukrainian cities, killing its citizens and hiding the truth from its own population, our neutral stance is changing. We choose to stand with Ukrainians who are defending their homes and families. We mourn the lives already lost and the destruction of Ukrainian cities and its cultural heritage. We also choose to stand with Russian anti-war protesters , arrested in their thousands for trying to stop the annihilation of morality in their country. This is an international struggle for human dignity, freedom and the right to life.

To this effect, we have launched technical and capacity building efforts focused on supporting Ukrainian civil society and territorial defences, as well as supporting activities in Russia that preserve online communities and those challenging the war efforts. Some of this work has already begun:

Why now? Simply because maintaining our neutrality will not sufficiently address the injustice and undue suffering caused by the Russian government and army on the people of Ukraine.

We believe that Ukraine will win, their people will rise from the ashes of this conflict, stronger in spirit and solidarity. And we will make every effort to help them in this struggle!


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