Launching the Ukrainian digital security helpline – Nadiyno

On 8th of November 2022, eQualitie and Internews Ukraine are launching – the first national digital security helpline in Ukraine, for responding to any and all questions from the public relating to cyber security. We have assembled and trained a dedicated team of helpline support staff and digital experts, stood up systems to document and respond to incoming requests and compiled a growing database of security FAQs on the Nadiyno website. Requests are accepted and replied to using email, web chat, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and on a Matrix channel.

During wartime, people are under incredible psychological and physical stress. Secure and unimpeded use of digital technology and services, in particular communications, are an essential public need and frequently a lifeline to those in distress. With support from Global Affairs Canada we are launching the Nadiyno helpline for all Ukrainians’ digital security questions. – Dmitri Vitaliev, director of eQualitie.


Please see the announcement from Internews Ukraine for more information on the public launch event in Kyiv. If you would like to aid or contribute to the effort, please contact Kateryna – ktsybenko(at)

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