IFF Tool Showcase #6: OnionShare

OnionShare is a desktop application to share files anonymously and securely using the Tor network. It’s incredibly simple and uses the anonymity-protecting and firewall-slicing properties of hidden services. It supports a diversity of use cases such as sending a screenshot to a friend, or leaking classified documents to a journalist.


As long as both the sender and the receiver have access to the Tor network (which just requires installing and launching the Tor Browser), OnionShare is censorship and surveillance resistant. Third parties don’t have access to files being shared, network eavesdroppers can’t spy on files in transit, and the anonymity of sender and recipient are protected by Tor.

OnionShare was originally built by Micah Lee to solve the “David Miranda problem”: If you have super secrets files that you need to give to someone, it’s often safer to use the Internet than to physically carry a USB stick. OnionShare makes the using-the-internet option simple, user-friendly and convenient. Micah Lee himself says he uses it all the time for a variety of purposes at The Intercept.

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