IFF Tool Showcase #13: uProxy

uProxy is an open source browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets users share their route to the Internet with each other. uProxy has been made for people in two situations: those who need to get safe and unrestricted access to the Internet and those who have an unrestricted connection that they would like to share with their friends. With uProxy, those who have a restricted access to the Internet can get access to the same sites their friends with unrestricted connection have access to.


uProxy can make it much harder for a third party to monitor or interfere with the traffic of the user who is getting access to the Web thanks to the extension. It can be compared to a personalized VPN service that you can use to provide secure access to friends and family, and to yourself when you travel. But since VPNs generally rely on shared servers, they can often be identified and blocked, or they can slow down at peak times. Because uProxy users connect to each other, rather than to common servers, uProxy connections may be harder to identify, and the network scales naturally.

On the other hand, uProxy also has limitations: not only should the level of trust between users sharing a connection be very high to avoid the risk of being caught at accessing restricted resources in censored areas, but furthermore uProxy, being a browser extension, is only capable of handling web traffic in Chrome and Firefox and cannot secure other applications connected to the Internet. Nevertheless, for people dealing with nationwide censorship and state surveillance, uProxy can be a precious tool for accessing online resources.

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