IFF Tech&Tools Showcase 2017 – #8 pretty Easy privacy (p≡p)

p≡p stands for pretty Easy privacy. The idea is to make end-to-end cryptography accessible to everyone by automatizing all steps usually taught to users at CryptoPartys, starting from OpenPGP encryption for email and then including chat communication channels like XMPP+OTR.

p≡p end user software comes along with a cloudless (peer-to-peer) synchronization protocol allowing users to read their messages across their devices, and the ultimate goal is to route all messages through GNUnet, a secure peer-to-peer framework, which does not just protect message contents, but also metadata.

At the moment p≡p can be used on Android and Outlook, and soon it will be available for iOS and Enigmail too. It supports multiple programming languages and environments and will provide easy access to multiple crypto technologies through an abstract API that does not require application developers to have in-depth cryptographic knowledge.

p≡p is open source. Its core parts are owned by the Swiss-based p≡p foundation and held under the GNU GPL v3 license alongside with the p≡p trademarks. The foundation is run by privacy activists from Germany and Switzerland. You can view the source code for Android here (CAcert) and the source code for Outlook here (CAcert).

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