IFF Tech&Tools Showcase 2017 – #12 Zifra

Zifra is a building a memory card with state-of-the-art encryption capabilities. Not only does it encrypt, but it also hides the files so that they become invisible to prying eyes. Two guiding principles in Zifra’s development are openness and user-friendliness. Verified open source code is used for crucial parts of the solution and Zifra’s technology will be available to the FOSS community to the largest possible extent.

Zifra’s technology can empower journalists in oppressive environments and strengthen source protection. By using hardware-based security that encrypts on-the-fly, any recording is safe from the moment of creation. Encryption cannot solve all the problems in oppressive environments. However, it can always provide important protection for sources or in situations where equipment is being seized and searched, making sure that the story gets out.

Zifra puts user-friendly, state-of-the-art crypto in the hands of journalists, activists and any individual who needs it. The project combines knowledge and experiences from technologists and human rights defenders to build the best possible solution. The product will be relatively affordable and easy to use, making hardware based cryptography much more accessible to anyone in need.

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