Wire is a secure, end-to-end encrypted messenger. It’s open source, works on phones, tablets and computers, supports up to 7 devices per account, and doesn’t require a phone number to register. Wire is headquartered in Switzerland with servers in the EU.Wire started with an idea that people need and deserve a privacy-focused messenger that wasn’t just secure but also a pleasure to use. Something that would work on all of their devices, be easy to use for people with different technical expertise, and have transparency at its core.

In the first 2 years of its life Wire has been heads down getting the technology and product right – from end-to-end encryption to multi-device support, to video calls and all the features one would expect from a modern messenger.

Ever since the Wire team introduced full end-to-end encryption and open sourced the client code (with server code to be opened later this month) there has been an increasing interest from journalists, human rights activists, security trainers and so on towards the app.

The combination of rich feature set, Wire’s jurisdiction and privacy features – option to sign up with email, @username to connect with others, strong Privacy Policy – is clearly working. Upcoming open sourcing of the server code makes hosting a private Wire network a possibility and the team is exploring ways to support federation in the future. The developers have also opened up Wire for end-to-end encrypted integrations via their bot API (dev.wire.com).