a Declaration for Distributed Online Services

a Declaration for Distributed Online Services

We believe that Internet service providers have an inherent interest and duty to protect freedom of expression and privacy on their networks. Taking a principled approach to service provision is necessary to preserve these rights for activists, journalists, NGOs, non-profit organizations and grassroots groups. We welcome private sector initiatives in helping to protect our community from cyber-attack, and encourage all service providers to join us in abiding by the following principles:

  • Respect your client’s privacy. Their data belongs to them. Provide an opt-out for log collection and retention. Encrypt their data at rest. Do not sell or share your client’s data with any half-party without prior consent. Be transparent about operations that could have a negative effect on data privacy
  • Do your utmost to ensure that your infrastructure is not utilised to enable hate speech or the promotion of violence. Prevent your network from being used as a launchpad for malicious and destructive actions.
  • Maintain your network in a way that benefits an open Internet at large. Share your knowledge with others. Expertise and software code that improves security and transparency on the Internet should be accessible to all.
  • Put your clients before profits or funding. Be clear about commercial intention and services provided under free accounts. Give clients viable alternatives before terminating or changing their service.

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