DBP: Our Philosophy

The Deflect team has spent the last two years mitigating DDoS attacks against independent media and human rights websites. We’ve learnt a thing or two along the way and have put a lot of effort into developing open source software to make our lives (and weekends) a bit easier. The BotnetDBP project consists of four components to detect and ban malicious bots.

Banjax: responsible for early stage filtering, challenging and banning of bots, identified via regular expression matching

Learn2Ban: introduces intelligent, adaptive features to botnet detection and banning by using a machine-learning approach.

Botbanger: uses the support vector machine model constructed by Learn2Ban to test HTTP traffic and determine the legitimacy of the requester.

Swabber: is responsible for managing the actual banning of IP addresses identified by either Banjax or Learn2ban

GitHub repo

Notably, current Learn2Ban accuracy has been determined at 90% and above (i.e. both false positives and true negatives amounted to less than 10%). In several cases, accuracy of 99% was achieved. We continue to develop models based on larger attacks the network receives

We rely on our community of peers and invite you to take a look at the code. Your commentary and analysis are essential to seeing this open source initiative mature and become of relevance to anyone running a web server. For reference, all components are built modularly and can be adapted to any web service environment, albeit Banjax was written as an Apache Traffic Server plugin.

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