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Deflect Labs Report #6: Phishing and Web Attacks Targeting Uzbek Human Right Activists and Independent Media

Key Findings We’ve discovered infrastructure used to launch and coordinate attacks targeting independent media and human rights activists from Uzbekistan The campaign has been active since early 2016, using web and phishing attacks to suppress and exploit their targets We have no evidence of who is behind this campaign but the target list points to […]
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Deflect Labs Report #5 – Baskerville

Using Machine Learning to Identify Cyber Attacks The Deflect platform is a free website security service defending civil society and human rights groups from digital attack. Currently, malicious traffic is identified on the Deflect network by Banjax, a system that uses handwritten rules to flag IPs that are behaving like attacking bots, so that they […]
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News from Deflect Labs: DDoS attacks against Caucasian Knot

Key Findings In November and December 2018, we identified 3 DDoS attacks against independent media website Кавказский Узел (Caucasian Knot) The first attack was by far the largest DDoS attack seen by the Deflect project in 2018, clocking over 7.7 million queries in 4 hours The three attacks used different types of relays, including open […]
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Infracon 2019 – Barcelona

Open Day The Infracon Open Day invites technology groups, NGOs, organized civil society and media in Barcelona to discuss technology solutions for self-determination and autonomy on the Internet. Register your participation below! Infracon – is a global conference for independent Internet service providers working on solutions for autonomous infrastructure. eQualitie and Pangea are bringing together […]
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Deflect Labs Report #4 – Anatomy of a booter

Key Findings We identified a DDoS attack against the Israeli human rights website on the 2nd of November Attackers used three different type of relays to overload the website and were automatically mitigated by Deflect We identified the booter infrastructure (professional DDoS service) and accessed and analyzed its tools, which we describe in this article In […]
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