Deflect Labs report #4 – anatomy of a booter

On the 2nd of November 2018, we identified a DDoS attack against the Deflect-protected website B’Tselem is an Israeli non-profit organisation striving to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. This attack is one of seventeen that we identified targeting the B’Tselem website in 2018.

News From Deflect Labs: Botnet Targeting WordPress Websites

We identified traffic from thousands of IPs trying to brute-force WordPress websites protected by Deflect using the same user-agent since September 2017, and confirmed that it is a large scale campaign against WordPress websites coming from a botnet, comprised mostly of systems in China.

News From Deflect Labs: DDoS attacks against Vietnamese Civil Society

We have been protecting two Vietnamese websites, and on the Deflect platform. Over the past several months, we have seen a significant increase of DDoS attacks against these two websites.

Deflect Labs report #3 –

This report covers attacks between April 29th and October 15th, 2016. Over this seven-month period, we recorded more than a hundred separate denial-of-service incidents against the official Black Lives Matter website.

Deflect Labs report #2 –

This report covers attacks between February 1st and March 31st, 2016 of six discovered incidents targeting the website, including methods of attack, identified botnets and their characteristics.

Deflect Labs report # 1 –

This report covers attacks against the Kotsubynske independent media news site in Ukraine, in particular during the first two weeks of February 2016. It details the various methods used to bring down the website via distributed denial of service attacks. The attacks were not successful.