SplinterCon conference report on internet fragmentation

The inaugural SplinterCon was held in Montreal, December 2023. This was a first-of-its-kind gathering that brought together a diverse community of network researchers, technology entrepreneurs, software developers, and internet freedom advocates to address the challenges and innovations in the realm of the “Splinternet.” The proceedings and outcomes of this event are documented in the post conference report.

What is the Splinternet?

The Splinternet can be defined as the phenomenon of the global internet fragmenting into smaller, isolated networks. This fragmentation is driven by various factors, including governmental control, censorship, technological barriers, and corporate policies. The Splinternet represents a move away from the original vision of the internet as a unified, borderless space, towards a landscape where access to information and services is restricted and controlled based on geographic location, political boundaries, or corporate interests. This shift has significant implications for global connectivity, freedom of information, and the ability to communicate across traditional boundaries.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • An overview of the splinternet and its implications for global connectivity.
  • Insights into network measurement techniques and their importance in understanding and navigating the splinternet.
  • Detailed case studies from countries like Iran, Russia, and Ukraine, offering a firsthand look at the impact of internet fragmentation.
  • Innovative solutions and technologies designed to overcome the barriers of the splinternet, from wireless communication methods to circumvention technologies.

Read and download the report on the Splintercon website.


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