Deflect survey

Thank you!

For a decade, eQualitie has been researching and developing advanced and ethical online security technologies. So far, we have been offering our technologies exclusively to civil society organizations like yours, who share our values and vision of an open, secure and private Internet. Protecting you and your cause is, after all, our original and ongoing mission.  Together, we have built amazing technologies and, most of all, a network of human and machine drive intelligence, working to proactively eliminate threats to the free circulation of contents and ideas on the internet.

The next step
We have been protecting millions of daily interactions between organizations like yours and their communities. We believe that the next step is to offer some of our technologies to the millions of private companies, who also want to join the movement.
We believe we are currently one of the few truly independent and transparent developers and operators of a viable, tested and mature technology suite for ensuring website availability. We believe there is a niche for us, a “blue sea” where our services and values will be useful.

We need your help
As you know, it is fundamental for any provider to identify their strengths and find the right “pitch” for the offering.

  • We need to validate our assets with you, confirm why you appreciate Deflect services.
  • We also need to understand the decision process of leaders, regarding their online security. Find out when and how we can position ourselves in clients’ decision process.

We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer this simple survey. No pressure, but the future of affordable and ethical internet security may depend on it :)