Digital security intro

“Malicious apps, theft, spam, cyber stalking, censorship, surveillance. There are no foolproof answers to risk online. But there is advice to help.”

Hygiene in the Digital Public Square was created to give that advice. It offers guidelines on email, social networks, computers, data, identity and location, phones and more. For example, if a user clicks on “Access to the web” they see a brief introduction to security issues with websites and then can choose between three specific scenarios – connecting to a website anonymously, figuring out why a website is unreachable, or connecting to a website securely. Choosing one of the options brings up advice on how to achieve the goal and links to online tools that might help. lead the editorial process and information design for this ‘choose your own adventure’ guide on introducing the reader to the world of digital security reference materials. The premise was that most readers do not know where to start seeking answers to their digital security questions. By asking a series of iterative questions, the guide will eventually narrow down the selection of what the reader is actually asking about, and guide them to the correct online reference source. Additional translations are available on the EQ Learn Wiki