Capacity Building

Over the years, we have been helping civil society organizations and individuals increase their capacity to mitigate digital security threats. The goal is to create greater awareness and increase protection from online threats. Our initiatives empower beneficiaries to regain their rights to privacy and freedom of expression online, whilst ensuring the longevity and success of their projects through prudent and timely threat reduction.

Digital Security Schools

We have launched several digital security schools, in partnership with local NGOs, in Belarus, Ukraine, Tunisia and Colombia. The schools offer a continuous learning curricula to local organizations and activists. They are staffed and run by local experts, with eQualitie providing guidance and staff training. We adapt a learning curricula to local needs  and provide technical as well as human resources for the project to succeed.

In Ukraine, civil society continues to operate under immense pressure since the events of the Euromaidan protests, amid the ongoing conflict with Russia and current efforts to battle corruption at all levels of government and enterprise. The victims of attacks include civil society organizations, volunteers, journalists and politicians. Most incidents, however, do not get reported and activists continue their difficult work in a dangerous online environment.

In Colombia, NGOs working on issues related to environment, human rights, investigative journalism and gender are frequently targeted with website defacements and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. Additionally, since the beginning of the implementation of the peace process more than 100 human rights defenders have been murdered in the country. With the peace process underway, it is critical that civil society organizations linked to its development can continue their job of informing the populace about progress and challenges, and attacks on these groups are halted and the impunity of attackers ended. held accountable.

Learning Guides

Throughout its existence has collected and collated its knowledge base, in order to share it with the public at large. This has resulted in a series of learning guides and reference material to help the public raise their level of awareness and capacity in the realm of secure online and offline operations. On a publicly accessible wiki, you can access: