Regional ambassadors for CENO & Deflect

Regional ambassadors for CENO & Deflect

  • Start Date: asap
  • Job Location: Remote
  • Job Type: Results based compensation

eQualitie creates decentralized internet services in support of a more equal and equitable network. Our solutions are free, open source, battle proven and developed in mind of our principles. Everyday, they enable freedom of association for millions of people online.

We are looking for informed and motivated individuals to promote our tools and services to local media, civil society, democratic movements and activist organizations. You will help us define and lead outreach strategies in your country/ies of focus, offer onboarding support and help users coordinate with our helpdesks. In turn, you will receive training on the given tools and services. We are looking for regional ambassadors from the 2023 priority list (see below).

eQualitie’s products for outreach and adoption – is a global website security infrastructure, protecting over a thousand civil society and media websites. Over 20 million people read Deflect protected websites every month. Powered by optional WordPress hosting and our enterprise level AI engine, Deflect boasts a 99.99% network up-time. We have offered continuous support over 11 years to some of the most targeted voices online – against cyber criminals and state
actors with huge cyber-offensive resources. Deflect protection includes distributed denial of service attacks, password brute force, vulnerability scanning, malicious code injections, social engineering and legal attacks, among others. Deflect investigations have helped activists around the world in their advocacy efforts, exposing adversarial methods and their ambitions. Already offered in five languages, we will add Portuguese, French, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish in 2023 to facilitate service.

Deflect in the media (CENO Browser) is an Android web browser, similar to Firefox or Chrome. It is designed to circumvent Internet censorship and can continue to serve website content during Internet shutdowns. CENO is easier to install and use than a VPN, and harder for the authorities to block. When a web page is retrieved by a user, it is stored on their device and continues to be shared inside the country with other users, using our peer-to-peer technology. CENO automatically cycles through several methods for connecting to a website, choosing the fastest option available based on network conditions, censorship and the state of the distributed caching network.

eQualitie can further seed the peer-to-peer network with static copies of entire websites – making every one of their web pages easily available through the CENO browser even if the original resource is no longer online or accessible. CENO has been actively deployed around the world with strong usage across Myanmar, Ukraine, Russia, Iran and India. It has proven itself to work during network shutdowns in these areas.

CENO in the media

Job Description

For Deflect:

  • Lead outreach and information campaigns on cyber attacks and Deflect protection services
  • Support the onboarding process for eligible users and solicit frequent feedback to ensure smooth
    operations and client satisfaction


  • Promote the usage of CENO Browser in your country, including by designing and implementing
    educational outreach materials and campaigns
  • Solicit feedback from users and conduct occasional feedback surveys; find volunteers for testing CENO
    and coordinate with our software team on results
  • Recruit important media outlets for continuous accessibility to CENO users

About you:

  • Good knowledge of civil society and independent media organizations in one or more countries from the list below;
  • Strong English writing and reading skills;
  • Experience with using Internet technologies and be quick to learn new software;
  • An understanding of Internet censorship and how it impacts media and social movements;
  • WIFI Internet access and cellular connection plan; an Android Phone.

How to apply :
Write to us including your resume and a cover letter explaining how your experience and motivation match our requirements. Don’t forget to mention your languages and countries of



Priority language groups and regions for 2023


  • Angola
  • Brazil
  • Mozambique
  • Timor Leste


  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Venezuela


  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe
  • Uganda
  • Zambia


  • Iraq


  • Pakistan

Turkish and/or Azerbaijani

  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkey


  • Afghanistan
  • Iran


  • Djibouti
  • DR Congo
  • Mali


  • Belarus
  • Russia