Provisioning infrastructure

Privacy, reliability, independence.

Caisleán – the Irish word for “castle”. Pronounced “cash-lawn”. For ease of reference, it’s safe to drop the a-fada (á) and refer to the recipes as Caislean

Caisleán is a set of Ansible recipes that you can use to set up and manage in few simple steps servers offering free and open-source tools for secure communications and information exchange. All of the services included in these recipes have been carefully and meticulously configured for confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of communications.

The idea behind Caisleán is to offer civil society organizations a set of tools to create and manage their own secure web services. In an age of persistent and pervasive surveillance, we encourage organizations to decentralise and decouple their communications from commercial third-parties. We encourage persistent and publicly acceptable forms of encryption throughout the information exchange cycle. We understand that it takes years of experience and a very sought after skill set to be able to configure such services independently. The power of Ansible playbooks allows us to package’s expertise into a profile that can be widely adopted. This is Caisleán.